Simply Synergy

Simply Synergy Ltd. is a New Zealand owned tech company with offices in Blenheim and Dunedin.  The Maintain it system is our flagship product, and has been developed over a number of years with heavy input from real-world service engineers. The product is simple, easy to use, while being exceptionally flexible and powerful.

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Trusted Technology

Why trust the Simply Synergy servers? The Maintain it system comes with a  guaranteed 99.9% uptime.  The hardware is hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre in Texas, supported by a high performance network with three tier 1 carriers, onsite 24/7 technicians, automated backup, dual UPS and backup generators, dry fire protection, an air conditioned environment, and a high level of security. 

The Maintain it software is protected by high-level 256bit encryption, which is as safe as internet banking. It is secure, robust, and available for you around the clock.

Keep it Going

WorkerEverything needs maintaining. With Maintain it you'll be able to schedule maintenance work for  your whole operation, easy.